About Us 


Small batches made in Maine.Creating plant based skincare since 2015. We use many locally grown ingredients that are food grade and pure. 

© 2016 by Holmes + Hudson 

With 100% natural rich coconut wax, cottonwood wicks and scented with over 125 drops of therapuetic grade essential oils per candle, they're absolutely splendid! Coconut wax has a clean burn and an excellent scent throw (plus its completely plant based). On top of that, they have a 40+ hour time. So sit back, light the wick and enjoy! 


No. 8 - Sweet orange and vanilla oil provide a happy, almost sugary scent with comforting ylang ylang + lavender and spicy pink pepper. Its a warm and calming scent that's pretty much a hug for your nose. 


8 oz. glass jar 

No. 8 coconut wax candle