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Used in Japanese skin care regimens for centuries, Adzuki beans contain a natural foaming agent called saponin, that helps cleanse pores by absorbing excess oils, drawing out impurities and removing dead skin cells. Pumpkin’s rich vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes, increase cell turnover and plump skin, allowing for a youthful and healthy glow. Clean Bean is a blend of powders that are activated by mixing with water. Honey, green tea and our Face Serum can also be added for additional benefits.


1 oz. glass bottle

Clean Bean facial scrub

  • Vigna angularis *(ADZUKI BEAN), Cucurbita pepo *(PUMPKIN-Maine grown and processed), bolus alba (KAOLIN CLAY), Calendula officinalis                  *(CALENDULA),Oryza Sativa *(BROWN RICE FLOUR) *ORGANIC


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