Get ready for a glowing complexion with this mask. It’s made up of a unique blend of wildly harvested Maine blueberries and chaga mushroom, both high in nourishing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Kaolin and French green clay deeply clean pores, revealing a refreshed, bright skin tone. This mask is a dry powder and is customizable. To activate MUD, mix with honey (all skin types), yogurt (dry skin or rosacea) or water with a "splash" of raw apple cider vinegar (acne or age spots). Pure water can be used with great results for all skin types.


2.8 oz. glass jar

Illuminating Mud

  • Bolus alba (KOALIN CLAY), Montmorillonite (FRENCH GREEN CLAY), Inonotus obliquus *(WILD HARVESTED CHAGA), Vaccinium corymbosum    *(MAINE WILD BLUEBERRY), Oryza Sativa *(BROWN RICE FLOUR) *ORGANIC


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Small batches made in Maine.Creating plant based skincare since 2015. We use many locally grown ingredients that are food grade and pure. 

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